Malta Qualifications Council (MQC)

VQ Pack Research and Consultation

The Vocational Qualification (VQ) Pack enhanced employers and learners the role of Vocational Education & Training (VET) in Malta. The VQ pack competence matrices also served to validate all forms of informal and non-formal learning within the various vocational fields. The project process enabled learners to transform on the job experiences into qualifications. VQ Pack aimed at making vocational training more visible to learners in compulsory education.

VQ Pack researched what the industry was offering in 9 key sectors and what type of qualifications and competencies would a student need to acquire to enter that sector in the labour market, as early as the post secondary education level. VQ Pack, as a project was about employability and the educational processes needed to close the gaps between theory and practice; knowledge and skills; and formal education and employment. This project aimed a contextualizing vocational training by linking current training programmes at MCAST, ITS and ICMHC to competences needed within industry.