Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST)

Science animation course

Outlook Coop in collaboration with Science Made Simple designed and delivered a training programme to train individuals to become fluent in methods of communicating science to lay persons. The training programme was designed in a workshop style where individuals learnt how to engage students (from primary to secondary school) as well as the general public in communicating and explaining science in an entertaining way.

Outlook Coop teamed up with Science Made Simple trainers and with a number of high quality PhD local and foreign trainers in communication and science. We have also engaged an animation expert with long years of experience in theatre and with experience of organizing science events in Malta.

A fully equipped training venue including filming equipment to film some of the workshops for peer review during the training, data projectors and lap tops were also provided. A printed and electronic training pack including the notes and related material were provided to all the training participants.

Outlook Coop evaluated the training programme with the participants and used knowledge management to identify and pass on to MCST insights gained through the participants of the training programme.