Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC)

Intergenerational environmental awareness outdoor camp

In 2010, Outlook Coop was awarded the MUESAC Tender for Services required for the implementation of an intergenerational environmental awareness outdoor camp.

This tender involved the implementation of an inter-generational two-day outdoor camp event on environmental issues and climate change, whereby an event involving families and children was realized with the objective of communicating and discussing the European policies on climate change and the environment. This camp took place over a weekend with the objective being to provide a mix of interactive information sessions, debates as well as other interactive activities. Issues such as energy efficiency and waste management were dealt with both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, and encouraged participants to become more aware of the environmental cost of their actions.

Outlook coop provided the following services:

  • Management of the camp
  • Promotion services
  • Merchandising
  • Training during the camp