Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC)

Education and Awareness Campaign - Road Show

In 2009, Outlook Coop was awarded the MEUSAC road show tender.

In a bid to bring Europe closer to the citizens and to address the communication gap between EU citizens and the European Institutions, an agreement was signed between MEUSAC and the European Commission. The aim was to increase communication actions locally by creating fora for public dialogue on EU matters.

The road show with the slogan “l-Ewropa fil-Pjazza” (Europe in the village square), formed part of this communication. It encompassed a mobile vehicle that provided information on the EU with particular reference to the Lisbon Treaty, the role of European Institutions, the European funding system, energy and climate change with particular reference to food practices that can be adopted by consumers and other related EU matters. The road show visited all the village and town squares. This allowed direct communication with the general public by establishing a physical presence within the life of the community. The road show served as a visible point and a distribution point with information materials on the subjects mentioned above. Outlook Coop provided also animators to attract the public to the road shows.