Research and a Targeted Retirement and Financial Capability Awareness Campaign in Malta

The objective of this nation-wide project is to carry out a targeted knowledge, communication and behaviour changing awareness campaign on retirement and financial capability directed towards various vulnerable groups:

  • persons in low income employment
  • persons in unemployment
  • self-employed persons
  • family members working in family businesses but not paying a social security contribution
  • disabled persons
  • widows
  • single Parents 
  • separated/divorced persons

Another 6 groups that may be negatively effected due to behavioural heuristics: teenagers, students in post-secondary education, students in tertiary education, persons in their first employment, young women and young adults who are recently married.


Outlook Coop is

  • Carrying out  research by means of focus groups identified from each of the 8 vulnerable groups and 6 groups that may be negatively effected due to behavioural heuristics
  • Identifying the campaign messages, tag lines, etc. for each of the target groups
  • Scripting, shooting, administering and payment for broadcasting of the 16 TV communication messages
  • Scripting, recording, testing, administering and payment for broadcasting of 16 radio communication messages
  • Creating various billboards in strategic places
  • Transposing the billboard pictures and taglines into posters
  • Carrying out of research and design of a handbook for each of the 8 identified vulnerable group
  • Publishing adverts in English and Maltese language newspapers
  • Planning and managing a social media campaign in liaison with the Contracting Authority’s officials including the design of 16 visuals
  • Measuring the reach and effectiveness of this campaign and reporting such measurements in monthly reports

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