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Designer gives cult classics an 8-bit makeover in GIFs

Source: Mashable

The Internet expresses its love of Hollywood classics — how else? — in GIFs.

Slovakian designer Dusan Cezak has taken his love of movies and GIF creation to the next level in a series called "Pixelwood." In the series, Cezak takes a scene from a few of his favorite movies and recreates them in 8-bit form for your viewing pleasure.

According to Cezek, making these animations combined his two passions: directing and illustration. "I started this project to create very short movies with proper atmosphere and interesting scenes," Cezek told Mashable. "Pixel art and GIFs were perfect for it. Short and nice to make a stylization of characters and situations."

He was very particular about the movies he wanted to depict, choosing to use ones that were instantly recognizable without being too mainstream. "The movies I have chosen are my favorite ones," he said.

Cezek also did a sequel to his Pixelwood series, entitled Pixelcomics, in which he depicts famous scenes from classic comic books. Both series, as well as Cezek's other work, can be seen on his Behance website.

Cezek plans on retiring from 8-bit GIF creation now that both series are complete. "I don't like to be stuck in one style too long," he says. "After a while it starts to be boring. So, this was my first and, as it seems, last pixel project. Now it's fun and I don't want to lose it." Still, we will always have these two series to enjoy.

Take a look at his Behance page