Project management

With a sound knowledge of management techniques and people, we aim to design your project whilst becoming key advisers to you as
our client and partner on the field. Our team will assist and work with you from your initial concept all the way through implementation and
analysis of the results following completion. Our hands-on approach guarantees a strategic partner who will not only generate the best ideas
up front and stay with your project from start to finish, but, most importantly, will be there with you to measure and learn from the outcome.

Outlook Coop project management professionals begin by defining the client’s objectives and reconfirming the feasibility
of the proposed undertaking. We then develop a structure and strategy designed to achieve your time, cost and quality targets.

Training and development

Our preference is to discuss perceived training needs with employers or those responsible for training, and wherever possible,
to meet or communicate with delegates prior to any training event. This may take the form of a questionnaire, a phone call or
brief meeting.The purpose is to assess specific requirements, address concerns and involve delegates in the whole training process.
Following training, we also provide the opportunity to address any issues that may arise when the delegates put their new skills into practice.

Our training can be designed to equip candidates with specific skills, as well as to provide support for continued development.
The programmes we deliver can also be tailored specifically to meet your organisation’s needs, and can be run on an ‘in-house’ basis.
Your success or failure as an organisation constantly depends on your ability to identify and develop people’s personal and professional
needs. This depends on focused training for quality performance. We work together with you and your team members to identify, develop
and deliver the right kind of training to suit your specific needs. The latest thinking and learning techniques are applied to all of our custom
courses. Course participants gain hands-on experience and practical tools they can immediately start applying at their workplace.

Management consultancy

Our management consultancy services focus on advising organisations on the best ways to manage and operate their entity
be it commercial firms or not-for-profit organisations. We provide advice on concepts like their business strategy and 
operational techniques, and also skills like time management, project design and planning, marketing their
products and or services depending upon their needs. Our aim is assist organisations improve their performance,
primarily through the analysis of existing organisational problems and development of plans for improvement.

Recruitment services

Identifying and employing new people is still a way of increasing the value of any organisation. Our business has grown around close long-term relationships and our philosophy has evolved as the nature of these relationships has changed from supplier to service provider to business partner. Our clients recognise the importance of talent disposition and aptitude. They understand their people and the need to maximise their effectiveness. Individuals, on the other hand, trust us since they know that we are concerned with building their own successful careers.

Many aspects of the recruitment process have changed considerably in response to market trends and conditions. It is our job to ensure that we help you stay in touch with these changes and that is only achieved by ensuring that we stay ahead of them ourselves. The success of our work is determined by our ability to bring together organisations and individuals who can have a positive long-term impact on each other’s performance.

EU funded projects

At Outlook Coop we strive to provide our clients - including cooperative entrepreneurs, public organisations, private companies, small and medium enterprises and civil society organisations - with a one stop shop service to add a European dimension to activities, projects
and services and to make use of EU funding to implement projects or activities which are in relation to European Union policies.
We provide a wide range of high quality management and consultancy services aimed at assisting clients to access and manage
EU funded projects and to strengthen and complement their administrative capacity. Outlook Coop is also ready to join
projects as a partner especially those related to social economy and to the participation of SMEs in research.


Without the right kind of research, you could end up delivering the wrong service
to a disappointed marketplace – or the right product to an uninterested audience.

Our research team has an unrivalled knowledge base and access to many information sources providing a powerful and efficient service 
that combines business intelligence with market research. We are independent and not tied to any specific research techniques or
methodologies. This ensures that the most appropriate value/benefit techniques and methodologies are selected for our clients.
Our principle is that business decisions drive research and business objectives are the focus for all research projects.
This translates itself to an assurance that our advice selects the most appropriate method for client requirements.