Marketing & media consultancy


The old tradition of “Provide what is required and they will come” has been ruled out by the highly competitive contemporary market.
The truth is in the marketing plan. To succeed you must start with a conception of how to properly market your products,
services or vision. This is where we come in with providing you with a 3-step marketing solution.



To succeed this is a crucial first step. If you have a strong brand it must be implemented consistently throughout your
communication efforts. If you don’t, customers will see it, but not know it’s you. Logos, colour-schemes, fonts,
style, attitude, mood; all of these elements will create your market or markets. A flawless brand means profit.
We begin here. Studying your brand for proper delivery or creating your brand for essential success.



Your business and the services you provide are unique. What you offer must be different and better than your competitors.
Therefore we highlight the strong points of your services. We will make this a clear market goal. Outlook Coop will only offer you the
best presence and service that will set you aside from your competitors. Our partnership with your company means dedication and drive.



What is the purpose of your business? To develop and to grow. If your ambitions are things like: new customers, more services,
higher sales, better appeal, longevity - then development and growth are as integral as your product. We are committed to your
growth in every aspect. Find out how we can be partners in your development by contacting us for consultation.

Graphic design


The right logo is your first and sometimes only chance to grab attention. It can instantly define or
damage your credibility. We can provide you with the right logo to leave an immediate, recognisable impression.



Colour and its combinations are very important. From your logo to the rest of your brand elements, it all has to make sense
and invite your audience to do business with you. We know this and apply it to all of your marketing and communication tools.



Exciting literature and multi-page presentations are another of our core specialities. From traditional to wildly unique brochures,
catalogues, informational booklets, schedules and corporate CDs, Outlook Coop can get your message across. The whole package
(logo, stationery, colours, literature), whether it’s a new image or a re-vamp, can easily be put together by our team. 

Web design

We all know that quality web design is a valuable investment. An adequate website that looks good will bring in business. Good-enough websites just don’t cut it anymore and that is why we think about the big picture. Outlook Coop can create a visual language for your brand that is consistent across different contexts. Your website, logo, business cards, and even your Twitter profile have to form a coherent whole. Brands that have a consistent visual language make a more memorable impression than those that look like five different side-businesses. Remember it takes something special to keep current and prospective clients interested, let alone willing to buy your product or service.


We not only give you advice based on our experience, but we are also equipped to cater for the entire process from drafting to execution. We have the knowledge and expertise to make it happen. What advertising is best suited for you? Once you know that then you need your
services represented perfectly. Outlook Coop has designed hundreds of these effective advertisements. Let us design yours too so that
you can benefit from consistency and creative promotion. Outlook Coop has specialised in marketing services to promote different forms
of advertising. This guarantees that your product continues to thrive in an ever-changing competitive world – be this in the national or
European context. A product or service without any form of advertising gets lost. Our speciality is keeping your product as visible as possible. Once targeted, your audience brings in the customers and increases sales.


We pride ourselves in involving our clients throughout the production stages,
thus ensuring a complete product that truly reflects the image you have worked so hard to create.


Outlook Coop offers a range of book services to fit any requirement.
We have published and continue to publish:

Children’s Books (picture books, story books...)
Graphical Books (comic books, graphic novels...)
Photo Albums (academic, travel, sports...)
Art portfolios (painting, photo, design...)
Catalogues/Guides/Brochures (annual reports, periodicals, health, business and travel related...)
Short books (novels, poetry books, cookbooks...)
Presentations (business, non-profit, community, school...)

Social media marketing

Social media provides a way for businesses to increase their "word of mouth" advertising. Word of mouth has always been
a powerful method of promoting products and services. One of the primary advantages of using social media marketing is that you
obtain numerous links to your website and blog from multiple sources. When you publish a new blog post or an article on your website,
you can automatically update each of your social media profiles across multiple websites to reflect the new post - and include a link
back to your site. This means the people who are clicking those links are already your targeted prospects, and have already
established somewhat of a relationship with you through their connection on these social media sites.

Translation services


We co-ordinate a team of experienced translators, revisers and proofreaders with either specialised university level qualifications in translation or in the target or source. Every text produced passes through three stages: translation, revision and a final quality check. Our methodology ensures the pinpointing and elimination of weaknesses in the document production process. Outlook has rendered translation, revision
and proof-reading services related to the Maltese language to various public bodies and private companies including European Union
institutions and multinational private companies. Outlook provides translation and revision services in the following language pairs:
from Maltese into English, French, German and Italian. Also from English, French, German and Italian into Maltese.

Video production

Professional video production is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Video can perfectly illustrate the advantages
of choosing your business to potential consumers. The most effective videos will achieve this goal in under a minute by bringing
together valuable information about your venture. The three key elements of a marketing video are content, shot selection
and quality production. At Outlook Coop, we have the talent and the resources to help your company make the best
video advertisement possible. We’ve had years of experience working closely with our clients turning concepts into content.
Our professional video production team is sure to give you and your company the advantage it needs.